December 1st - World AIDS Day

February 7 - National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Other Services

  • Family Support Services: Housing, Food, Clothing
  • Employment Services
  • Legal Services
  • Family Support Group/ Mental Health Advocacy
  • Access to Information Technology
  • Community Based Research

The HIV/AIDS program provides these services to individuals and agencies of color that provide or are interested in providing HIV education, prevention and care. Some of the areas covered include (but are not limited to) outreach, program design and evaluation, grant management, cultural competence, and grant writing. All are designed to build the infrastructure of agencies of color and to increase the capacity of the community to participate in it's own solutions. These services are provided on both an individual and group basis.

Technical Assistance/Capacity Building

Upcoming HIV/AIDS Awareness Days

Sistas Informing Sista's about Topics of AIDS
A group - level, gender and culturally relevant intervention, designed to increase condom use among heterosexually active African American women. Five peer-led group sessions are conducted that focus on ethnic and gender pride, HIV knowledge, coping, and skills training around sexual risk reduction behaviors and decision making.

The S.I.S.T.A. Project

The HIV/AIDS Program collaborates with organizations that have a religious or spiritual base. These organizations have become venues for reaching and educating members of the African American Community not reached through traditional Community Based Organizations. 

Current Projects:

African American HIV/AIDS Pastor/Ministry Leaders HIV/AIDS State Certification Workshop

Black Church Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS


Faith Based Initiative

Consumer Issues Committee
This committed is comprised of people living with HIV/AIDS, and those affected by the disease. This committee also ensures that consumer issues are recognized, met and addressed effectively. 

Youth Leadership Council
Youth involved in this committee share their opinions on HIV related issues while becoming skilled HIV peer educators, and knowledgeable advocates of HIV policy. 

African American HIV/AIDS Taskforce

Wisconsin HIV Surveillance Reports


In 1998, the alarmingly high numbers of HIV infections among African-Americans led U.S. Surgeon General, David Satcher, to declare a National State of Emergency. To respond to the AIDS crisis, the African-American HIV/AIDS Task Force was formed by the Black Health Coalition in November 1998. The Task Force brings together community based organizations (CBOs), churches, businesses, criminal justice, educators, health care providers, social service organizations, fraternities and sororities, AIDS-serving organizations, HIV infected and affected individuals, families, and volunteers.  We believe the community must play a leadership role in creating solutions to the challenges it faces.  

"Focusing on the Highest Quality of Life for African Americans"

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