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"Focusing on the Highest Quality of Life for African Americans"

" For Without Good Health, Nothing In Life Has Meaning."

The Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, Inc. is a group of local organizations and individuals whose collaborative goal is to address the health problems of African Americans. The primary objective of the Coalition is to improve the health status of African Americans in the State of Wisconsin and to ensure equitable and comprehensive healthcare for all people. 

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Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, Inc.

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BHCW Petition

New Routes New Moves ~ Breaking Barriers Video

BHCW has created a petition on IAm Color of Change with the goal of creating a national movement for Black moms and grandmothers  to no longer buy toy guns for their children or letting them play with them.

Far too many of our children are dying due to gun violence, whether at the hands of each other or the police. We have the power to change this.

Please sign the petition and share it broadly with your networks.

Mom and grandmothers against toy guns

Patricia McManus, RN, PhD, CNPM    
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